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How to Prepare for Drug Rehab

It is time to think about how you can be fully prepared before entering an addiction treatment center after committing to attending one.

First-time patients may worry that leaving their homes and jobs will interfere with their recovery and result in the loss of income, bills, and family obligations.

Take the time to prepare properly for rehab, and you will be able to handle all of these worries. It is completely normal to feel stressed about this new process.

Talk to a Mental Health Professional about Drug Rehab Options

The first step in preparing for drug rehab is to talk with a mental health professional and prepare for treatment. Speak with your primary care physician, counselor, or psychiatrist to determine what treatment options are available.

The more information you have available, the more able you will be to prepare and make an educated decision about what’s best for your recovery.

Contact Your Doctor for Prescriptions

Once you’ve decided on a specific treatment program or rehab center, contact your doctor to obtain prescriptions for any medications that may help you prepare for rehab and maintain your sobriety once you’ve completed treatment.

These medications may include all your regular prescriptions. Even supplements to increase energy before beginning your recovery process.

Arrange a Ride to Your Destination

Depending on the type of drug rehab you choose, you may not be permitted to travel by car or plane during treatment.

If possible and needed, arrange a ride to and from the facility with someone who can accompany you throughout the entire duration of your stay.

Gather Important Papers

Even if you’re staying at an in-patient facility, it’s important to prepare for drug rehab by collecting any vital documents you may need throughout treatment. These documents include insurance cards, medical records, social security numbers, and information about your employer or work benefits.

If you are unable to bring these papers with you during your stay in rehab, make sure someone else has a copy of your paperwork so that you can access these important documents as soon as possible.

Create an Inventory of Your Finances

If you’re struggling with drug addiction, the chances are that your finances have suffered because of it. Before entering drug rehab, to prepare for treatment, create an inventory of your financial accounts to prepare for treatment.

If any money is owed, make sure you speak with the appropriate individuals about where and how you can access these funds during your stay.

Prepare Your Home for Recovery

If possible, prepare your home before entering a drug rehab center. That way, you don’t have to worry about dealing with your everyday life while you’re away. Suppose food isn’t an option or provided. Prepare meals for the week or prepare shop and freeze them in individual portions so that appropriate food is available throughout your stay in addiction treatment.

Contact others who may be helping you prepare for drug rehab, such as a friend or family member, to take care of household responsibilities and prepare your home for recovery.

Plan for Your Pets

You may have pets or other living creatures in your care. Prepare them for the time you will be away from home during addiction treatment.

Most drug rehab centers don’t accept pets. Make sure someone can take care of your animals while you’re away and prepare them for your absence during treatment.

Confirm Your Travel Plans

After speaking with a mental health professional or doctor, prepare to travel the day of your departure to prepare for drug rehab.

If you are traveling by car, pack a bag as if you are going on a short vacation and prepare for your ordeal ahead.

If you are driving, prepare your vehicle by filling up gas tanks, checking tire pressure, and packing blankets or pillows in case of emergency.

Arrange for a Place to Stay

Most drug rehab centers accept in-patient patients only, which means that you will not have a permanent place to stay once the program has been completed.

Unless otherwise arranged, prepare for your exit from treatment by arranging for transportation home or to an in-patient facility after you’ve completed the required number of days in rehab.

Prepare for Your Family

Most treatment centers require that you prepare for drug rehab by speaking with your family, so they understand what’s happening to you.

In many cases, the center itself will speak with loved ones to prepare them for treatment, regardless of whether or not this has been arranged. Prepare for your family by letting them know how long you expect to be in treatment, where you will be staying, and that they should prepare for your absence.

Know What to Expect and How to Prepare for Drug Rehab

While you prepare for drug rehab, it’s important to remember that addiction is a disease that requires professional help.

By taking the time to prepare for rehabilitation upon speaking with a mental health professional or doctor, prepare for drug rehab properly to ensure that you’re able to focus solely on your recovery.

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