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Explore the Signs, Symptoms, and the Various Treatment Options Available for Anyone Living With a Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine may provide the façade of happiness at the moment, but those feelings are fleeting. The next day you will come down to reality and face the repercussions of your actions. It would be best if you stopped while you’re ahead.

However, many people are drawn to the high, and it’s not easy to control the urges. Here are the signs of cocaine addiction and how Lift Off Recovery can help you or your loved one on the road to sobriety.

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Orange County Cocaine Rehab

Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

Behavioral Symptoms

  • High Energy – Cocaine is a stimulant, so users may appear highly energized and active.
  • Restless – With a surplus of energy, users will likely be antsy. You may notice them continually fidgeting or moving. You may also see the user unable to focus on one topic or task.
  • Irritable – Cocaine can have a negative impact on a person’s mood. They may snap quickly and with little to no provocation. This paranoia can lead to erratic behavior.
  • Paranoid  – Cocaine puts users in a state of high alert. It can cause the user to experience irrational paranoia.

Physical Symptoms

  • Dilated Pupils  – Dilated pupils, are larger than typical. Muscles in the iris control the dilation, and cocaine stimulates the muscle.
  • Elevated Heartbeat – Being a stimulant, cocaine will make the bodywork faster and harder. One way users notice this is through the elevated heartbeat.
  • Loss of Appetite – Stimulants act as an appetite suppressant. Users will not be hungry, and they may not get the nutrients they need in a day.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the above, do make sure to seek out medical intervention to get the treatment you need.

How Cocaine Rehab in Orange County Can Help You Recover?

If you or someone you love abuses cocaine, it’s essential to get help right away. The longer the wait, the more difficult it will be to break the addictive patterns. There are three primary treatment options: partial hospitalization programs (PHPs), intensive outpatient programs (IOPs), and day programs. They can help in different ways depending on your situation and your unique needs, but they all provide the necessary support to succeed. Here are some ways that professional cocaine addiction treatment can benefit someone struggling with addiction.


Recovery is difficult. A person may experience intense cocaine cravings, and temptation may show itself. That’s why the structure provided by treatment is so important.

Treatment centers provide drug testing to ensure that you stay clean. If you do fail, you may need to take more drastic measures to get clean.



Therapy plays a large role in a person’s recovery. In treatment, patients will attend both individual and group therapy. In therapy, patients get the opportunity to speak openly about their addiction and any trauma/mental health conditions that helped create the problem. Finding and tackling the root of the problem will lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the individual’s unique condition.


Recovery is all about being a healthier, better human being. Treatment encourages people to be their best selves and constantly improve their situation. Therapists can help individuals set goals and work toward them. Staff at the recovery center can also help teach people life skills to help them move forward in their careers and relationships.

Some of the life skills taught include:

The idea is that someone will be a more independent and productive person when they walk out of the doors of recovery and into the real world. These skills will help the person support themselves. Once they can take care of themselves, they can be better to the people around them, too.

Medical Treatment

Sometimes cocaine addiction stems from mental disorders that require medical treatment.

Many people who suffer from depression, anxiety, manic depression, and schizophrenia will turn to cocaine to enhance sensations or numb the pain.

In treatment, mental health professionals can diagnose the problem and prescribe the right medication to keep symptoms at bay.


Many people make the mistake of thinking that they are alone when going through recovery. However, the fact of the matter is that many people have gone through similar things. Many of them can relate to your story, and many of them truly wish the best for you.

This support can become crucial for people who do not have the support at home and for people who do not have people who relate to them and their struggles. Support will come from both the staff and the other people in treatment. Some of these people may even become a pillar for you when you have weak moments along the way.

Have Fun

Therapy and mental health treatment are just the beginning of your experience. You will get the opportunity to enjoy your stay by doing fun things with the staff and other addicts.

Some of the activities you can partake in include:

Recovery doesn’t need to be a miserable experience. Part of the journey should involve loving your new sober life and enjoying new, healthy activities.

Lift Off Recovery

Lift Off Recovery provides cocaine rehab in Orange County. They use the values of integrity, love, and accountability to teach recovering addicts how to succeed in life, starting by staying sober. We believe in connecting with the patient to learn how to provide the best, long-lasting results.

Cocaine addiction is a serious problem with very real consequences. If someone suffering from addiction gets the help they need, they can learn to be happy and sober for themselves and the other people in their life.

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Orange County Cocaine Addiction Treatment