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The alcohol market in the United States reached annual sales of $222 billion in 2020 alone. That number has continued to climb in the years leading up to the pandemic and since it has been around. Based on the reported numbers over the last years, it seems that Americans can’t get enough of their favorite alcoholic beverages. 

While this may be nothing more than trivia for some people, for others it is the sign of a growing and rarely discussed issue among people from all walks of life across the country. There are some who become addicted to alcohol and who feel unable to stop themselves from consuming excessive amounts of the substance. What was once social drinking has progressed to a state of alcohol abuse that can no longer be controlled. These are the individuals who we have designed our  alcohol detox program in Orange County for.

Alcohol Detox

Signs Of A Potential Problem

A person who is experiencing issues that are indicative of alcohol abuse or alcoholism will typically show signs of potential problems first. After a period of time, problems related to drinking alcohol grow to such an extent that they are unable to control them any longer. 

Eventually, people addicted to alcohol may start to receive various consequences from their drinking. Alcoholism does not just happen one day, but over a period of time. There are often signs and symptoms of a developing storm such as:

Loss of Control over a Drinking Session

People who do NOT have drinking problems are able to enjoy a drink or two with friends before moving on with their day. They take in the substance as a way to relax and unwind, but it doesn’t consume their entire day. When someone is not able to control the amount of time they spend during a drinking session, they may have a serious problem beginning to develop in their life. These individuals have lost control of when they drink alcohol and when they stop drinking alcohol.

Placing a Heavy Priority on Drinking

It becomes very concerning when someone places a heavy emphasis on their drinking above other priorities. When drinking alcohol becomes increasingly important to a person it is often a sign of alcoholism.  People who are addicted to alcohol prioritize drinking over other activities. In many cases, the alcoholic will place increased importance on alcohol.

 Eventually, drinking alcohol becomes more important than health or relationships. This is a frightening warning sign that something may have gone wrong and someone may need to step up to help out the individual who is going through this. It is a frightening thing to watch someone you care about suffering so greatly.

Continuing to Drink Despite Negative Consequences

Many people have experienced a hangover after a night of drinking. A single event like that is not necessarily troubling. However, when this type of behavior becomes a pattern, it is very concerning.

Those who continue to drink despite negative consequences and setbacks from doing so may be showing signs of dependence upon the substance itself. When a person no longer views consequences as a reason to limit alcohol intake, it is likely a problem has developed.

Why Someone Should Seek an Alcohol Detox Facility in Orange County

The only way to break the spell that alcohol has over a person is to take them away from the substance entirely. Alcoholics are not able to enjoy a small amount of alcohol here and there. They have a disease that makes it impossible for them to enjoy alcohol in normal quantities like so many other people. Thus, it is highly recommended that they look to an alcohol detox facility like ours to help assist them with the process of removing themselves from consuming alcohol. 

An alcohol detox facility is a place where individuals with drinking problems can go to keep themselves away from the temptation of alcohol. In the world that we live in today, it is extremely challenging for people to keep themselves away from any reference to alcohol. It is on television, the radio, billboards, etc. Thus, it is nice to know that when they are kept in an alcohol detox center like ours in Orange County that they will truly be kept away from any references to or temptations of alcohol. 

Alcohol detox facilities provide a space where people with addiction issues can go to be cared for and understood. It is often the case that the outside world is not entirely understanding of what someone in the grips of alcohol addiction is going through. 

Fortunately, the professionals at our Orange County detox facility and treatment center understand what is happening with that person because these are the types of individuals that they work with every day. It is their job to ensure that those people are cared for and kept safe within the facility. Detox professionals are highly trained and skilled at making the detox process safe and comfortable. 

Our location in Orange County, California is ideal for starting a recovery journey. Clients receiving treatment can feel at peace in our secure environment. In sunny Southern California, people can recover and start their new life of recovery surrounded by a support system of people who understand their struggle.

Recovery is Possible

The most essential message to convey to people in the midst of alcohol addiction issues is that recovery is possible. It will require support in the form of:

People who are suffering need a strong support system to get well. Loved ones who support their recovery journey and show compassion are essential to stop drinking alcohol. Alcoholics need to feel a part of a community. 

We work alongside loved ones of alcoholics to support recovery and overall wellness. If a person is willing enough to seek treatment for dependence on alcohol, support from loved ones can help encourage them along the way. When alcoholics are met with patience and compassion, they can thrive in sobriety. 

Through feeling supported by loved ones and trained professionals, alcoholics may find a renewed sense of hope. Through compassion, love, and patience those suffering from addiction can start to rebuild their lives without dependence on alcohol.  Healthy support systems are essential to recovery. 

Sobriety is possible if one is willing to accept the offers of help given by friends or family members. Also, it is important that all loved ones of the person suffering make it clear that they stand by their loved one and are willing to do what it takes to help them get through this. The alcoholic may not always agree with their loved ones or treatment professionals. However, it is important to know that suggestions are made with the alcoholic’s best interest in mind.

There are plenty of people who will gladly pass judgment on those who are suffering from addiction, but that only serves to make the problem worse. The suffering addict needs all of the kindness and support that they can get from people who really care. 

During times of desperation, it is important to know where to turn for help. Trusting professionals and proven treatment is essential to receiving appropriate help for the problem at hand. Addicts need to know that they still have people willing to support them and walk them through recovery. No matter how daunting recovery may seem, there is hope.

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One of the defining characteristics of addiction is that addicts can’t imagine living a sober life. The reality is that drug and alcohol detox could be the first step in making some positive lifestyle changes. 

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