How To Stick With A Sober
New Year’s Resolution

Maintain sobriety into the new year — and beyond.

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Every time a new year approaches there is a recurring trend of people pledging a life of sobriety. Whether it is for health reasons, to save money, or to embrace self-improvement, more people than ever are deciding to be sober. 

The sales of non-alcoholic beer and ‘mocktails’ are on the rise, as people realize that they can enjoy themselves in casual social settings without alcohol. 

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Be Specific About Your Goal

When you want to become sober it is easy to say, “I will stop drinking in 2022″. However, without anything backing this promise to yourself, it is hard to keep it going. Being specific about your resolution will help you achieve the desired result

First, it helps to understand why you want this goal. It may help to improve your health, to be more focused on your children, or any number of reasons. Whatever the reason is, be sure that YOU know it. Keeping an active journal can help you to get in touch with your inner thoughts. 

Next, when being specific, you want to set a clear plan of action. Plan out the steps that you will take to make sobriety a reality. Though refraining from drinking is a noble goal, many do not succeed because they have not set a reasonable plan for themselves.

Stay Away From Tempting Or Challenging Situations

An area that many people falter with their sober goals is social settings like parties, restaurants, or bars. Though they may enter with a strong mindset to not drink, the peer pressure of those encouraging them to do so can be challenging. 

If you feel that these situations may be too much as you begin the journey of sobriety, it’s okay to say no! Quality friends will understand your goals. We recommend spending time with people outside of settings where alcohol is the focus. 

Though people may fear that sobriety will ruin their social life, it does not need to! Take up new hobbies with your friends like going for walks, watching live music, or trying new coffee shops. You have the power to still develop quality relationships without the influence of alcohol.

Build A Support Network

Challenging things are not meant to be tackled alone- especially something as draining as making a sober resolution. Build a network of people that you know have your back during this challenging time! This network may be friends, family, a sponsor that will guide you through, or maybe a rehabilitation center. 

Rehab centers can be a great resource to get the treatment that you need. Not everyone can become sober on their own, and that’s okay. Reaching out for help when you most need it is a great sign of strength. 

The staff at Lift Off Recovery is ready to embrace you and help you through this unique journey. Learn more about their alcohol rehab programs and how they can help you turn your life around.

Confide In Your Family

For many, family is the first ring of a support system. It is the people that know them the best, that they may entrust with their most profound secrets. Family is also a built-in network that can help you achieve success with this new year’s resolution.

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A great place to start is your partner if you have one. Chat with them about your concerns, and motivations to stay sober. Ask them to be with you in this challenging journey, encouraging you to stick with your goal. 

One of the easiest ways that people fall off sobriety is by their partner not being encouraging. However, even if they still choose to drink themselves, they can be a wonderful help to your sobriety. Doing things like reminding you of your goals at social events, going to sober events with you, and talking through the challenges you may have can be extremely beneficial.

Support For The Family

Dealing with an alcohol addiction can be just as challenging for the sufferer as loved ones around. Seeking help from licensed professionals early on can help to take the medical burden off the family. Instead of worrying about whether they are making the correct healthy recommendations, family members can be there to offer kind words of love and compassion. 

It is important to check in with everyone during the journey to sobriety. If you have children, communicate openly with them about the journey that you are going on, and how it may affect their daily life. If you have a partner, keep an open line of conversation going so that they, too, feel heard. 

Lift Off Recovery’s Outpatient Program can be an excellent resource for those suffering from addiction who wish to receive care, but want to stay in the comforts of their daily life. Clients choose what works for them and their families. This flexibility has empowered many patients to seek the help that they need so that they can lead the lives they wish to live.

Find A New Hobby

Choosing a hobby to enjoy in your leisure time can be a great tool to stick with your new year’s resolutions. For many, the tendency after a long day can be to pour a glass of wine and wind down. If this sounds like you, let’s look into other ways for you to put your mind at ease after a stressful day. 

You do not need to have any experience in, or even be good at your hobby! The goal is that it brings you joy and takes you away from a need to pursue alcohol. So, get out there and try things that make you happy.


Exercise improves both your mental and physical health. Moving for just 30 minutes a day can do great things for your overall well-being. The bonus is that it’s fun! 

Find a friend to join you to get out and take a brisk walk each day. Doing something with spare time will keep your mind off of alcohol. Doing anything fitness-oriented will be sure to keep your mind off of drinking. 

Joining a gym is another favorite of many people wanting to get sober. It offers an amazing opportunity to get a consistent workout in, and even take cool classes in areas like Pilates, yoga, and Zumba. 

Taking part in these group workout sessions can help you develop another support group as you work towards sobriety. The people involved will often be like-minded, and keen on getting their health to the best it can be.

Tap Into Your Creative Side

Have you ever considered crafting? Now is as good a time as ever to pick up painting, knitting, or crocheting. In addition to classes being offered in art studios, there are many opportunities to take virtual art lessons through COVID-19.

Many people in their adult lives leave artistic work behind, saying that it is just child’s play, or they are not a ‘real artist’. However, your artistic ability has nothing to do with the benefits that trying a new hobby will bring! It will stimulate your mind, and help you to effectively solve problems in other areas of your life.

Learn A Musical Instrument

Is there an instrument that you have always wanted to learn, but just have not gotten around to it when life got busy? Now is a perfect time. Learning an instrument takes time and energy, which will distract you from withdrawals you may be experiencing. 

Learning how to stay sober can be a lonely pursuit, but is certainly worthwhile as you work towards creating a better you. Pick up the piano, violin, or guitar today to make something beautiful out of your sobriety.

Engage In Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Embarking on an alcohol-free life starts with developing healthy habits in all areas of their life. While some people think that they can cut drinking out but continue with other destructive habits like smoking or hours scrolling through their phones, the best strategy is to build a healthy foundation. 

As we are at the beginning of a new year, take a moment to step back and take stock of your life. Is this where you wanted to be ten years ago? Where do you hope to see yourself in ten years?

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Diet is a great place to begin building a healthy lifestyle. Focus on nutrient-rich foods that will power you up to get through the day. 

Consuming enough water is also very important. Drink 8 glasses per day to feel energized and revived. Staying hydrated can also fight off hunger and the urge to drink. 

Finally, check in on the relationships of your life to be sure that they are serving you. Do your best to remove harmful people from your life that are not supporting your journey. The best chance at achieving sobriety begins with you taking charge of all aspects of your life.

Develop Stress Management Techniques

As mentioned earlier, many people, unfortunately, turn to alcohol as a vice in their daily struggles. The ritual of having a daily cocktail all too soon becomes a crutch- something that a person needs to make it through their week. 

While alcohol may help in the short term, it certainly does not support long-term stress management. Instead of finding a solution to a problem, it simply numbs the pain by putting a Band-Aid over it. 

There are many other techniques to lower the stress in your life. Breathing exercises can regulate airflow to ensure that you are getting enough oxygen in your brain. These can be easily found online, or by your practitioner, if you are attending a therapy session.

Seek Treatment

All of the above suggestions are great things to implement in your daily life to work towards sobriety. However, you may hit a point where you have exhausted many options and need professional addiction treatment. 

We realize that this can be a scary path, as there is a stigma in the society of those that need alcoholism treatment. However, we encourage you to not let this incorrect stigma stop you from getting the help that you need and deserve. You have the potential for a beautiful life- the power to go after your goals.

Lift Off Recovery is an amazing treatment center that will treat you as the amazing person that you are. They will understand your story, and how they can help you get to the core of sobriety. 

Their treatment plan is unique, with steps including its Intensive Outpatient Program, Day Program, and an Aftercare program to break the cycle of addiction. The holistic treatments and unique activities the facilities offer patients hope, with a blueprint of their life after addiction.

Stay Sober This Year, And The Next, And The Next, And...

Sobriety is a challenging yet rewarding journey to embark on — one that will give you your health, vitality, and your life back. Getting sober is a challenge, but we know that in sticking to a quality plan and having a strong support system, you can do it. 

The team at Lift Off Recovery in Orange County invites you to contact them today. Learn about their services, and how they can help you maintain your sobriety in the new year…and beyond.