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Choosing the Best Anaheim Drug Rehab

Living with an addiction is more serious than many people might think. More often than not, all it takes is simply ‘trying out a drug. Next, your entire life depends on getting access to the addictive substance.

No one should have to live like this. If you or a loved one is suffering from drug addiction, please know that there is help out there. If you’re searching for drug rehab in Anaheim, let Lift Off be that help.

Keep reading for more information on what drug rehab can do for you.

Living With Addiction: The Severity of It All

Around 20 million people in the U.S. suffer from addiction, whether it be opioids, amphetamines, or cocaine. What’s worse, less than 20% of that population receive any treatment for their addictions. That’s an alarming amount of people living with addiction without a cure in sight.

Addictions vary from person to person. Some people might have a very mild addiction that can be treated easily, while others might find themselves in a severe condition.

The important part here is to not judge yourself or others for living with an addiction. Addiction is a serious illness that affects millions of people just in the United States alone. If you’re wondering what some of the common symptoms of addiction looks like, we’ve compiled a list for you:

  • Preferring drug use over social interaction and work
  • Increased chance of contracting blood infections such as HIV (by sharing needles)
  • Irritability
  • Financial loss
  • Elevated tolerance levels
  • Withdrawal
  • Feeling like you can’t live without the drug

And the worst of all, death. In fact, drug addiction is on the rise as one of the highest rates of preventable death in the United States.

Is Rehab Right For Me?

You might be wondering, “How do I know if I should seek drug rehab?”

First off, we want to let you know that no one should feel obligated to be at a certain stage before they begin rehab. You do not need to be deep down in your addiction before considering rehab, either. As the golden saying goes, it’s better late than never.

With that being said, some key factors can help identify whether or not rehab would be right for you.

Most of these go along well with the list we put up above, especially the first and last bullet points. If you feel like a substance controls your life and you prioritize it over other life activities, it’s a good sign you might need rehab.

People who are heavily addicted to drugs generally feel like the drug controls their life, and they cannot function without it.

If you feel like this is you, we encourage you to book a consultation with a therapist today. Even if you’re not at the stage where drugs are controlling your life, it’s never too early to start getting therapy for drug usage.

Can I Try Rehab At Home?

This one is something many people might consider, especially those who aren’t severely addicted to anything. While it’s possible that you can help yourself at home, the chances of you succeeding are lower than if you would have gone to rehab. 

Why’s this?

Most of it has to do with the withdrawal symptoms you’ll feel. Some of them are more manageable than others, such as cravings and loss of motivation, but others require the help of medical professionals. These symptoms include extreme levels of fatigue, depression, seizures, hallucinations, and more.

Depending on the severity of the withdrawal, these symptoms can even last for weeks on end. In this case, withdrawal turns into what is known as post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS).

Don’t let this distract you from trying! You can definitely help yourself at home. In fact, trying to heal from drug addiction is very admirable.

However, we highly recommend you get assistance from a team of medical and mental health professionals.

You Are Not Your Addiction

The life you want to live is achievable, drug-free, guaranteed. You don’t need to live a life controlled by drugs. You have all the power within you to break the shackles that are holding you down.

All of this can be done through rehab. 

What Else Drug Rehab Can Help With?

Aside from healing drug addiction, drug rehab centers can help with a multitude of other things. Since clients are working directly with a team of trained mental health professionals, they’ll get access to their full repertoire of expertise.

Thus, patients will receive access to holistic care that can:

  • Help with other mental health issues such as depression and anxiety
  • Provide alternative means to addiction 
  • Replace toxic behaviors with healthy ones 

And much more. To get all that, though, you need to be searching for the best rehab near me in Anaheim. 

Finding Drug Rehab in Anaheim

There are plenty of drug rehab centers out there, with all of them offering different degrees of assistance to their clients. If you find yourself looking for rehab centers in Anaheim, California, then we here at Lift Off Recovery have you covered.

Our approach is family-based. We believe that everyone has a purpose and that no one should feel alone or left out. That’s why we integrate a wide variety of holistic practices into our programs.

Speaking of our programs, we’re able to treat drug addictions for almost all common drugs such as Xanax, opioids, cocaine, alcohol, and heroin. 

Our process does not just treat you for addiction, either. We believe addiction starts and continues with other mental health issues, so that’s why our therapists are trained to help with any obstacles you may be struggling with. All therapy is prescribed to our patients on a subjective basis, as we know that what works for one person does not always work for another.

How Much Does It Cost?

Concerned about the cost? No worries; we’re here to help you in any way possible. 

We don’t want to leave you without options, so we accept a wide selection of different insurances. Because of our patient-focused therapy, prices may be subjective. We invite you to contact us with any questions you might have.

Taking The Step Towards Recovery

Are you ready to live the life you’ve always wanted? It all starts here.

At Lift Off, we’re the drug rehab in Anaheim center that will help guide you along the way with our team of trained and certified professionals. Let us be the fuel that ignites your rocket to the stars. Once you’re ready to take the step, please visit our contact page to request more information.

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