How Do I Find the Right 12-Step Sponsor For Me?

One of the tasks you will face if you have completed rehab and are now attending a 12-step program for addiction recovery is finding a sponsor. You can significantly benefit from having a sponsor during your recovery. A sponsor helps you to achieve your goals, but how do you choose a match that’s right for you?

What Exactly Is A Sponsor? 

You might hire a coach or sign up for a program if you want to become a marathon runner without suffering many setbacks along the way. From the first mile to the finish line, your coach could be there to help you.

It would be best if you had someone who understands that you are moving along the path of recovery every day when you are in addiction recovery. While those without an understanding of addiction might view recovery as an end-point, you know that you need continued support.

Simply put, a sponsor is an individual that has been through the program and shares their experiences with newcomers to help them get and stay clean and sober. It would help if you thought of a sponsor as a health coach who understands the challenges through the process.

It is essential to find a sponsor who has time to assist you when you need it.

What To Look For In A Sponsor 

What person would you choose if you needed support in achieving a healthier mind and body as well as stronger social relationships?

Sponsors should have experience. A newcomer to this type of assistance should not be chosen for the job. The potential sponsor would ideally have been sober for at least a year, if not longer.

Observe how they treat other people. You can observe how sponsors behave by attending 12-step meetings. Find a person who is positive and supportive. If you don’t feel that the sponsor is supportive, find someone else.

Look for your potential sponsor as someone who will be an example of who you want to be and how you want to behave. You’ll have likely found the sponsor that will be a good fit.

You could also listen to them share or speak at a 12-step meeting and pay close attention to their story and experience. If you find that you relate to what they are speaking or sharing, they might be a good choice.

Sponsor Expectations

Make sure that whoever you choose can meet the expectations you have for them. Your sponsor may not be available during the exact times as you if they work full-time and have a family.

Your sponsor may not be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you’ll need to prepare yourself with a fellowship around you that you can rely on in dire times of struggle. Please speak with your potential sponsor about what you can expect from them and how the relationship’s dynamic will work.

Get to know them first, build a relationship before diving right into the work, find out what they do and how they live to see if it will match up.

Qualities in a Sponsor

Consider the kind of sponsor you are looking for. What are the challenges you face when you have young children when you are recovering? Do you need someone who has a family as well and understands how challenging it can be? Is it possible to choose from someone who has gone through the same process before?

Seek someone you would not be attracted to romantically. You might choose someone with the same gender as you or the opposite gender, depending on your sexual orientation. Your recovery may be less complicated if you avoid further emotional complications.

If you’re looking for a sponsor, make sure they’re interested. There is no guarantee that someone sober for some time is willing to be a sponsor. Learn who’s interested in watching for times when sponsors raise their hands during the meeting.

You can write down an ideals list of qualities of what you would like in your sponsor, and when getting to know them, you can utilize this list and compare them to your potential sponsor.

Find Help Today

Now you’ve read about the ideal and appropriate sponsor for you. It’s time to take action. Find yourself a local 12-step meeting where you can meet people with like-minded interests.

Find a fellowship where you can utilize them to rely on at any time you may need. Lift Off Recovery can help you find a fellowship and sponsor in Anaheim, Orange County, CA.

If you’re still struggling with drugs and alcohol and find it hard to quit, it might be time to turn to a treatment center. Lift Off Recovery is here to help you. Contact us to speak to someone from our admissions team today.

We will help you through the first step of your recovery process and help you find the right sponsor for you and your recovery journey.

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